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Infix methods

def +(y: String): Rep[String]

def AsInstanceOf(): Rep[R]

Casts this to the given type

def IsInstanceOf(): Rep[Boolean]

Checks if this is the specified type

def toDouble(): Rep[Double]

Converts this numeric value to an Double

def toFloat(): Rep[Float]

Converts this numeric value to a Float

def toInt(): Rep[Int]

Converts this numeric value to an Int

def toLong(): Rep[Long]

Converts this numeric value to a Long

def unsafeImmutable(): Rep[T]

Gives a hint to the compiler to consider this value as immutable for future operations Note that this operation is unsafe as it does not prevent mutations prior to this call. For example, in:

val x = Array[Int](32)
for (i <- 0 until N) {
  x(i) = i

This will tell the compiler that x is not mutable in the function x, but x can still be mutated after this call has been made (in the next iteration of the loop, for example).

def unsafeMutable(): Rep[T]

Enables unsafe mutation of this value.